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Live Action Editing:

Assemblies, Fine Cutting, Temp VFX & SFX tracklay, and Offline Master Creation.

Animation Editing:

Animatics Creation working alongside Series Directors, Track-laying temp SFX and Music, Editing of content coming back from Animators all throughout pipeline to ensure Episode pacing and Series branding.

Online Editing:

Conforming content, Colour Grading, frame by frame monitoring for any audio, animation, compositing, or non-broadcast safe errors, and fixing/flagging them, and then creating multi-format masters to request. (Physical & Digital) 

Assistant Editing:

Data wrangling and importing raw footage into NLE systems, syncing, labelling and categorising all content into bins and folders. Cutting teasers for Directors and Producers, Point of Contact for all queries to and from the Editing team, Maintaining a filing system for paperwork (Scripts, Shooting Notes, Call sheets, etc).

Video Editing


Live Events:

Co-ordination with Event Producers to implement an action plan for coverage of Event, Set up and operation of Camera, Lighting, and Audio Equipment, Onsite Editing of footage, full de-rig of equipment and secure storage transportation.  

On Set:

A Cam / B Cam Operation; Storyboarding and DOP role; Camera & lens maintenance; Jib, Crane, Gimbal, Track, Steadicam and Drone Proficiency.    

Assistant Camera:

Focus Pulling, Clapper Loading, Accessory & Non-Camera Equipment maintenance & responsibility




Identifying core needs of individuals within the Project; Drafting easy to understand outlines; Facilitating meetings, Edit Sessions, VO Recording Slots around tight and complex Production schedules; Keeping on top of deadlines, Project Status, and Budget through Online Tracker Documents.

People Management:

Delegation of work to key Project members, Providing Technical & Personal support for team and co-workers; encouraging an open door forum and ability to share ideas, and feedback.



Problem Solving:

Trouble-shooting any and all problems up and down the Management line, Acting as a Representative for Departments during Meetings with Senior Management and Producers; Identifying and addressing issues as early as possible, to minimise Project interruption and delay

Proj Management



Integration of pre-existing data structures, and improving upon them. Implementation of strict quality control processes.


Development of formatting for folder structures, file labelling, and Server drive housekeeping. Building clear and coherent folder pathways for easy access and reference.     


Maintaining a functional and user friendly pipeline for delivery of data to Clients, prioritising security as the utmost importance; flexible options for content review and consumption (Hard Drive/ Vimeo/ WeTransfer/ Shotgun).

Digital Asset Admin



Upholding Service and Product expectations for the Client; Offering solutions in both digital and face-to-face environments; Remote access and screen sharing, so we're all working from the same page .


Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of new technologies; learning additional programs to increase job knowledge and ability; awareness of all updates and feature changes to already familiar software; understanding of complex codec and metadata specifications, and troubleshooting technical issues


Liaising with Partner Companies and Vendors to troubleshoot technical issues or source emergent news; trusted network of Industry Professionals, Freelancers and Production companies to deliver you the best solution.



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